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Amazin Brain The implant, which was developed by people from Neuralink, the Muska start-up, connects to the brain with the help of special electrodes, several times thinner than hair. They are so thin that they would not damage delicate nervous tissue, Amazin Brain at the same time are durable Amazin Brain have high bandwidth, thanks to which they are able to send huge amounts of data quickly. Implant options have already been tested on rats Amazin Brain monkeys. Next year, tests involving people are to start. The treatment is to be given to people who have lost their memory, are after strokes or cancer, or paralyzed from the neck down. In the future, the device is to enable the complete connection of man with artificial intelligence. In an interview with the New York Times, scientists at Neuralink said that for now connecting the entire system requires holes in the skull, which means that the patient will need to have local anesthesia. In the future, the procedure will be less invasive Amazin Brain be carried out using a laser. The implant is impressive - it is tiny, connects to a computer wirelessly Amazin Brain can help seriously ill people, but a variety of chips that improve the lives of people with disabilities, scientists have already developed a lot. The first were hearing implants, which doctors have been implanting for deaf or hearing impaired people for several decades.



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