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The latest model " FREAK neXt" in the famous " FREAK" collection scars ulysse nardin is actually new technological feat. This particular prototype watch demonstrates [b]ulysse nardin replica[/b] 's technical expertise and versatile silicon technology, setting the actual tone for the new era of FREAK models.

Ulysse Nardin continues to be at the forefront of the making of watch since its inception in 1846. Technology exploration is not just a technique, it is a philosophy, a reason with regard to existence, a daily driving force.

With the new FANATIC neXt concept watch, the particular Swiss manufacturer has demonstrated that the FREAK series is extremely active and more than ever, pressing the technical department associated with Ulysse Nardin. The new NUT neXt is the essence of all of the technical and watchmaking technology of Ulysse Nardin Produce, unveiling the truly magnificent design of the oscillator.

After ten years of continuous research, advancement and improvement with Sigatec (a company that is with each other owned by Ulysse Nardin and specializing in the production of si micro-elements), manufacturers are now able to existing something that looks like a top. Since 2015, the Ulysse Anchor flight escapement offers begun a paradigm change in mechanical watchmaking: the brand new neXt flight oscillator.[b]devon watches replica[/b]

The brand new Freak neXt flight oscillator is full of material physics as well as presents a completely innovative THREE DIMENSIONAL design. Based on the flexible system of using silicon edge elasticity, this is a principle which is truly mastered by Ulysse Nardin, which is located from the central pivot and also whose center is completely revoked in midair.

The core idea of typically the adjustment mechanism is to totally eliminate the axis of the stability to form a virtual pivot point. This is a radical improvement that has greatly improved the standard principles of balanced springtime adjustment introduced in the seventeenth century. The neXt flight oscillator uses a 3D multilayer framework - four-layer blades along with a solid layer as a flywheel - an important technological growth in watchmaking research.

This new oscillator removes the need for pivots and jewelry. The newest FREAK has a " floating" beating heart that " suspends" without a balanced rotator (balanced bridge). The immediate result of the system is to entirely eliminate the friction on the bearings and optimize the global high quality factor to optimize the power consumption of the movement. The only real remaining friction is air flow. No - or hardly any - friction, no more get in touch with, no more wear, no more essential oil. Consisting of 32 silicon micro-blades with a width of sixteen microns, connected to each other without having contact with the main board -- forming 16 triangles, superimposed in 4 parallel levels - the oscillator is better than at a frequency of up to twelve Hz, significantly 70-hour reserve of power. [b]replica luxury watches[/b]

Multiply the frequency through 3 while increasing the ability reserve by 30%. This specific incredible technical achievement was made possible by the elimination of rubbing, especially considering that energy usage depends on frequency, cube (if the frequency is bending, the consumption is increased by 8).

But this major development is not surprising. This is the last stage of the 10-year progress the Ulysse Nardin KINK concept watch. In 2014, the Ulysse Anchor escapement was introduced, followed by often the Freak InnoVision 2 product Grinder, which was launched within 2017, and also equipped with cutting blades.

The Ulysse Anchor escapement is based on the actual flexible mechanism of early spring resilience. This constant escapement made entirely of si presents a circular framework with a fixed anchor within the center that pivots with no friction. It is held in the environment by two tiny si blades that are perpendicular to one another, and the leaves are tensioned to bend and keep these questions bistable state. The result is an optimistic energy balance during the raise angle, which maintains a continuing oscillation of balance without having to be affected by changes in engine torque. [b]HARRY WINSTON watches replica[/b]

The self-winding " Grinder" system revolutionized power transfer because it is twice as effective as existing systems. " Grinder" uses the smallest hand movements. The pendulum is actually attached to a frame along with four clicks or rotor blades, which doubles the angular travel of the self-winding program (just like a bicycle together with four pedals instead of two). Flexible guiding mechanisms significantly limit friction.

FREAK neXt is a correct architectural jewel with a great, ultra-modern look. It utilizes flawless white and phosphorescent touches and is designed by Ulysse Nardin's designers to highlight the latest invention. The link of the French-style movement (finished gear train) has a somewhat trapezoidal shape, inspired through the Star Wars spacecraft, along with consists of four LED pipes with Superluminova for phosphorescence, visible only at night.

Ulysse Nardin's little logo - located on the transparent lens made of cup, using a subtractive 3D procedure - completes the design of the baguette core. When compared to main white celestial wholesomeness, the 3D multilayer oscillator is chameleon-like: it displays a shimmering blue, magenta or green reflection based on the viewing angle. The new BUG neXt features a white Superluminova bezel with a white Superluminova shaft on each side and also a white self-winding bracket within the back of the watch. The rubberized strap is also white, white-colored stitching and dark glowing blue " point-bride" stitching.

FREAK neXt is made from platinum and titanium in order to evoke a pure, minimal and minimalist style. This kind of unsaleable watch demonstrates the particular brand's commitment to broaden and enrich its selection by taking its watchmaking experience to the next level. [b]urwerk replica[/b]

technical details

Product: FREAK neXt


2505-250 / 00

2505-250 / 00. 1



The actual automatic movement of the motion with a grinding machine, the popular system efficiency is two times that of the existing system

12 Hz oscillation rate of recurrence, silicon flywheel with dime element

The oscillator has a flexible pivot stage, virtual axis: no base, no pivot, no having. No friction, no wetness pivots required.

Top quality factor, increased power reserve

Improve vertical position effectiveness (no amplitude difference among horizontal and vertical place of the watch)

Silicon finishing gear train

Power reserve: 70 hours


Platinum eagle and titanium, sandblasted, refined or

Diameter finished diameter: 45 mm, elevation 14. 1 mm,

Waterproof depth: 30 mirielle table

Back: via sapphire crystal

Cup, white central bridge statement " grinder" bezel: whitened rubber coated bezel using green SLN


Rubber main cutout and titanium blend folding clasp or

White crocodile skin, azure " point bride" stitching and velcro

FREAK neXt is not the only real new model introduced from the FREAK series. Today, FANATIC VISION wears new clothing: black (titanium) or rose gold colored - satin brush or even polished. The first self-winding view in the collection showcases the fresh innovations of UlysseNardin as well as its " InnoVision 2" idea. The most important is the ultra-light si balance with nickel inertia block and stable micro-blade, as well as a new case having a box-shaped dome sapphire amazingly on top. [b]zenith pilot [/b]

specialized details



Black titanium: 2503-250 / black

Silk brushed rose gold: 2502-250

Polished rose gold: 2502-250 or 01


UN-250 movement

Hour and minute reveal movement rotation

" Grinding Machine" self-winding having pawl and flexible guide

Ulysse Anchor constant escapement

Large diameter si oscillator with nickel inertia block

Self-regulating si microblade

Silicon completing gear series

Traveling carousel (long stick breads machine core): 1 change per hour

Power reserve: continuous amplitude of about 50 hrs

Frequency: 2 . five Hz (18, 000 v / hour)


Black ti, satin brushed rose gold or perhaps polished rose gold case

Bezel: Titanium or rose gold colored bezel with black plastic and 3 riders regarding easy operation

Guide winding baffle can use typically the tailgate

Set period setting front bezel, button lock

Diameter: forty five mm

Waterproof level 30 meters

Amazingly: sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, package dome

Case back again cover: titanium, 6 anchoring screws, through the dome sapphire ravenscroft mirror " grinding machine"


Sapphire, engraved with hours and minute scales


Dark alligator strap with white or red " point bride" appears

Clasp: black hard or rose gold folding hold


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On the job: JACOB & CO Uranologist Casino and Master associated with Arts

Jacob & Company embodies this philosophy nicely and informs us immediately.[b]Urwerk replica watches[/b]

The actual Basel Expo may drop, but Mr. Arabo will not seem to care.

Their wait in Hall 1 . 1 is really a manifesto: if you do something, you need to do it in the best way (and in the best way of the scene). From champagne to blossoms, from employees to fish, it's unprecedented. In the appears and clocks.

Driven through European Sales Director Ámbito Dragoni, we are excited to find out some of the brand's work, such as the two astronomers we will see in this post.

Astronomy, time is split up into 4 dimensions.

Since its very first launch in 2014, it is now a true icon of Jacob black & Co, attracting attention from collectors around the world.

The idea is subtle and significant: the hours and moments are displayed on the switch, and everything else is altering!

Technically, we are using an inner manual movement for the online casino, which includes a two-axis tourbillon, as well as for Maestro, a three-axis tourbillon.[b]high quality replica watches[/b]

Both in examples, the case is rose gold colored and a large amount of sapphire, and it is machined with expensive as well as advanced technology to achieve a good ultra-wide dome with ultra-purity.

These two versions are not a lot shared technically. Aesthetically, they have got the same concept, arm motion, lacquered magnesium metal golf balls and one carat of John cut diamonds (288 faces)... Mr. Arabo's signature.

Astronomy Casino: A successful gamble.

There were many watches that spend tribute to gambling of all time, and each watch has its own development. But when you pair mechanical different roulette games with Astromia and its functions, you will definitely win.

The interesting thing about this watch is it hides incredible details, a lot that everyone can discover brand new things at a glance.

Mechanical caillou is not fictional. The rotator of the plate and the revolving of the ball work completely, and the pusher starts in 8 o'clock.

The professional of this [b]replica watches for sale[/b] lies in an acceptable and pleasing pairing: working roulette is an effective way to cost the watch. An amazing idea that released an interesting "complexity" to create energy instead of wasting it.

The particular 47 mm case (27. 9 mm height) is actually a key aspect of the watch, and also the author of this article is a little wrist (under 6. three inches). Believe it or not, comparing the dimensions of a watch to its amazing complexity, its size is minimal.

When rotating, the call is always perpendicular to the hand. As always, let's focus on exactly what really matters: the actual utilization of timepieces.

In a typical substantial style, the dial continues to be in a fixed direction throughout the 10-minute rotation around the middle, making it easy to read no matter where it really is located.

On the wrist, this really is incredible. Wearing it is almost the shame, not just staring at this for hours and discovering all the details.

The drama of the tool movement and the whole system is vivid and coordinated with the help of diamonds and the lighting of the earth. Dear Jacob black, if your goal is surprise, then you possess achieved it.

Reference AT160. forty. AA. AA. A

Learn of Astronomy: 50mm World.

The absolute winner (even when it is almost impossible to choose) of our own Basel conference is the learn, and the Picasso watch is fantastic in every way.

We are speaking about a three-axis tourbillon having a classic four-arm rotating framework of minute repeater, celestial satellite phases, date and astronomy. [b]Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II 418.NX.1107.RX.MXM19[/b]

If you believe this is enough, you may have misinterpreted what we are saying...

Minute Repeater: Yes, but don't carry it lightly. For the first time in history, all of us found that the bells produced by the three-dimensional spyral from the minute repeater are totally admirable through the sides in the sapphire case.

The hours, quarter and minute alarms consist of three pitches. This really is more complicated than the traditional two-tone mechanism, because the three information must be extremely precise (C, D, E).

Working with 3 pitches instead of two requires creating a melody that requires accurate pitch selection and makes hard to perfect the pitch. The outcome is surprising, especially the actual newly heard sound.

Typically the moon phases are shown using unique Jacob reduce diamonds, divided into hemispheres and also surrounded by starry nights within the arms. The date involves the moon phases, goes with the other four components, and completes the turn in 10 minutes.

A feature of this piece is that the hrs and minutes are located around the dial in the middle of the watch, in contrast to other astronomy. On the 4th arm, we found any hand-drawn astronaut, floating squarely around the watch, completing some sort of 40-second rotation.[b]Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica Watches[/b]

On the wrist, the result is the same as the astronaut. Often the Jacobs company is predicting the beauty of our new world, which cannot be lost.

The actual Tangling dial is formed from the backdrop of the constellation, as opposed to the purity of the tourbillon along with sapphire... everything is designed to impress the audience and provide the greatest level of innovation and luxurious.

Again, 50mm is indeed a great deal, but by considering the unlimited detail on the dial in addition to considering the complexity we value, the generous size of this timepiece was quickly forgiven.

However, Jacob & Co's watches are masterpieces of anatomist, design and innovation, not only complex watches or chronograph watches.

Surprisingly, this factory offers amazingly made an amazing work and will never forget what truly matters: performance. From just what Marco told us, the entire intention of Jacob and Co is to make designer watches that are both beautiful and simple to use.

Winding, hour establishing and various functions are extremely easy to set up and run, which is not an easy task given the particular complexity that exists.

For all of us, it was a revelation to be able to encounter Jacob & Co's selection in real life, which we all consider to be a leading brand name in development and creativeness. We really want to know what you think about Basel's most complex and opulent watches, and we promise to create you many new articles concerning this surprisingly rich watch quickly! [b]HYT H2 Titanium and Pink Gold 248-DG-00-GF-AB[/b]


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