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Janome DC2019 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

You have made the right choice to choose sewing as a craft to take up. As a new sewist, you need to buy yourself the best sewing machine for beginners to start the journey. In this post, we provide a detailed review about The Janome DC 2019 computerized sewing machine. It is another high-quality product in the DC line that offers loads of cool features at a very reasonable price.

The Janome DC 2019 is a limited model and is designed to pull off a massive number of projects like garments and home décor, quilt-making, heirloom sewing, and even more. It features a 50 built-in length, and you can adjust its width to 5mm maximum and 7mm long. Also, there are decorative, and heirloom stitches, including 3 1-step buttonholes for you to work out a creative idea. The machine is controlled by a computer. You just simply need to push a button to select a specific stitch.

The Janome DC 2019 is a limited model

Below are some of the awesome accessories that go with The Janome DC 2019 computerized sewing machine:[list][*]50 Built-in Stitches: you will have the very chance to be creative with a variety of stitches to choose.[*]3 One-step Buttonholes[*]Thread tension control[*]Built-in needle threader[*]Snap-on presser feet[*]Memorized needle up/down[*]Superior Feed System (SFS)[*]7-piece feed dog: you will smoothly pull your garment through the machine with this.[*]Free arm: this will help you find it easier to control your piece of cloth around and under the needle.[*]Drop feed[*]Speed Control Slider: this makes you more active on your machine, as well as the piece of fabric you are working with.[*]Locking stitch button[*]Easy reverse button[*]Auto-declutch bobbin winder[*]Extra high presser foot lift[*]Bright LED screen with easy navigation keys: your working place will be brighter and more convenient for you to work.[*]Top loading full rotary hook bobbin[*]7mm maximum stitch width[*]5mm maximum stitch length[/list]

Do you know, besides machines like The Janome DC 2019, you can still buy the best sewing machine for beginners if you have just started learning how to sew. Here are some amazing standard accessories that are included:

9 standard and specialty presser feet including a buttonhole foot[list][*]Set of needles and bobbins[*]Spool stand[*]Small and large spool caps[*]Cleaning tools[*]Instructional manual[*]Foot control pedal[*]Protective hardshell cover.[/list]

With The Janome DC2019, we are sure no project is too hard for you to pull off

With The Janome DC2019, we are sure no project is too hard for you to pull off. From decorating your living place, sewing garments, to making a scrapbook, or quilting will become a piece of cake.

You don’t have to be worried about your sewing needs not being satisfied, as the machine features fifty stitches, along with three buttonholes. There is an auto-lock button, easy reverse, and a speed control slider to help you work more efficiently and quicker, too. The DC2019 may not be a high-end machine, but its stability and dependability are beyond your expectations. It is promising to help you create a high-quality product. Purchase it now if you are looking for one of the best sewing machines with a relatively low price. If you are looking for something that newbies can work well with, get the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes! Have a good day!

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