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Zaslal/a 9.3.2020 11:00

Vans Slide-On Discount

Nepenthes’ influence on the world of Japanese streetwear continues to grow with the help of its numerous subsidiaries the likes of Engineered Garments and Needles. After the latter just released a collaborative collection of luxuriously
crafted a href="https://www.boutiquebootie.com/">Vans Slide-On Womens, the former is set to lend its hand to the famed Ultra BOOST. Daiki Suzuki’s take on the Three Stripes classic boasts a colorful construction consisting of a thick Pimeknit base done up in royal blue with an array of hues on its midfoot Stripes as well as co-branded insoles sporting red and yellow.

Vans — despite leaving these core classics largely untouched for the past few decades — has begun to implement a more eclectic design ideology as marked by its reconstructed Vans Sk8-Hi and Vans Slide-On Mens. Keeping the iconic low-top silhouette and suede/canvas tooling of the Vans Slide-On Sale, the California brand brings back the model in white and black with a removable checkerboard jazz stripe which lifts to reveal a red variation of the same print.

Last week we got word that Chanel’s own Karl Lagerfeld would be collaborating with Vans on a full collection of footwear and apparel due out September 7th. Now we know exactly what the Vans Slide-On Discount will look like as Karl replaces the iconic checkerboard pattern with his face silhouette logo for a tongue-in-cheek take on classic chevron graphics. There’s also rumored to be both a Vans Sk8-Hi and a Vans Old-Skool in the works.

Vans’ patched appliques and stitched on swatches of contrasting tones have sent them down a rabbit hole of inventive motifs, now donning the leather Vans Slide-On Cheap with an overt patch along the toebox of a split color scheme. Doing away with the usual tone or material plays, the Anaheim-based label is opting for design more involved, using different techniques to reinvigorate once simple models like their laceless classic. Three schemes come hit with that mindset, one of a Pink/White, one a Gold/White, and the other a Black/White done up in symmetrical contrast à la Harvey Dent.

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