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Zaslal/a 11.3.2020 4:17

Just like that, another week has passed, and we are

back with all the latest new merchandise from Disney Resorts. If

you missed last week’s installment of The Monday Merch Meeting, you can find it here. Last week, we recapped the new

releases that got Disney fans excited over the month of February. Now that we are up to date, we are going to check

out the week that was in Disney merch releases!

This one is for all the http://www.charmspandorasale.de/pandora-charms Pin Trading

fans out there looking for a new way to show off their collection. These pin trading bags can not only hold all of

your essentials for a day in the parks, but they can also serve as a home for your pins. Complete with a display area

on the outside, these new bags could make pin trading a lot easier. Say goodbye to those pesky lanyards, the pin

trading Backpack ($49.99) and Shoulder Bag ($39.99) are available from the 20th Century Music Company in Disneyland.

If you are a fan of both http://www.charmspandorasale.de/pandora-charms collecting

the Pandora charms and Disney Cruise Line, then the stars have aligned just for you! A new double-sided charm has

been added to the Disney Collection of Pandora charms featuring DCL 2020 on one side and Steamboat Willie on the

other. This whimsical nod to the sea-sailing entity can only be found aboard Disney Cruise Line ships, making it the

perfect way to commemorate your vacation!

If you are the kind of http://www.charmspandorasale.de/pandora-charms person

that makes sure you have just the right outfit for that special occasion with your little ones, then make sure you

check out these super cute Mini Melissa Shoes for those Easter Bunny photos! The Disney Springs Twitter account was

showing off these lovely little additions late last week, and they made me wish I had someone with small feet to buy

them for. So cute! You can find these at Melissa Shoes in Disney Springs.

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