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Throughout history alcohol and cigarette ads promoted a specific lifestyle where it was cool, fun, and sexy to smoke and drink. Alcohol and cigarettes are proven to be very addictive and extremely harmful to one's health. Th

e alcohol and tobacco industries were very aware of the harm caused by their products but still advertised and sold them showing only the benefits and how smoking and drinking could make you inherit a certain status Marlboro Cigarettes. Celebrities were commonly used to promote these products giving the consumer a false sense of hope that they could be just as successful and important as the celebrities in the ads.

The 1960's was a time where the advertising of these products was coming to a halt because of health awareness being introduced to the general public Marlboro Red Cigarettes. There were 3 key years in the 1960's that impacted alcohol and cigarettes in advertising.

v 1964: Surgeon General's report on "Smoking and Health" was revealed. This report basically helped to regulate the sales of cigarettes in ads. People began to feel that alcohol was a way to escape life's problems when in fact alcohol just added to their problems turning some down the rough road of alcoholism. Advertising companies stayed strong in promoting their products because it was proven to increase company's revenues, while failing to notify the public of how dreadful it is for you. The following is a PSA broadcasted on CBS using a celebrity figure promoting the message "Be Smart Buy Cigarettes Online, Don't Start" and offering help:

Similar to alcohol companies, tobacco companies also took full flight in spending millions of dollars in advertising their brand in several types of media such as television, radio, and magazines. One thing they did that was very risky is they started to target a younger demographic advertising their products in youth magazines. Their intention was to grasp potential consumers at an early age, those of which were very easily influenced.

Alcohol and cigarettes were very influential in both decades. Both decades saw a great deal of advertising to get their messages across. Alcohol and Tobacco companies went as far as hiring celebrities to promote their projects showing that their product represents a certain lifestyle. Although what sets these two decades apart was all the medical implications that began to arise in the 1960s and the problems that these companies were facing Cigarettes Online. Studies were being published, ads were being taken off the television and health warnings were being printed on cigarette packages Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The 1960's were seeing many changes in these industries. When it came to the 1980's people were much aware of the implications that were caused by the use of these substances Tobacco Store. In the 1980's on the other hand people began divulging into these products and companies began pumping even more money into advertising.
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