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Pretty much from wire-to-wire it was a dominant game played by the Rams that they'd love to emulate in the actual game. Of course, it's harder to accomplish because the Bengals are likely to Mut 22 coins feature their star player, Ja'Marr chase, to a much higher degree than their video game counterparts did as he wasn't able to record the first touchdown until halfway through the third quarter.

While an end date hasn't been set in stone, EA stated in the launch build for Madden 22 that the new Ultimate Season model would aim to run each season for approximately 90 days. They've already dropped 1st Quarter as well as 2nd Quarter challenge in Ultimate Season 1, with 3rd Quarter as well as 4th Quarter ones to come in the next few weeks.

With the timing stated by EA and the remaining quarters being in mind We expect that the MUT 22 Ultimate Season 1 end date will be Friday, 19 November 2021.

We may see this shift in line with the way EA intends to play Ultimate Season 2, but chances are that we'll have Ultimate Season 1 and and 2 begin at around that time. While playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team and buy Madden 22 coins go through Ultimate Season 1, you'll be awarded a myriad of rewards including Training Points MUT Coins, packs New cards, and more.

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